the story 

Image by Timo Vijn

Hi, I'm madi!

I'm a Sunny Coast artist obsessed with creativity, adventures, and Italian food. I have always adored women and the power they hold. 


They're why I create art. Why I've become strong enough to put my art into the world.


They inspire me, challenge me, galvanize me. To seize each day with all I've got, to stop second-guessing my magic, and to live the ferocious life I dream of. 

Women are my muses and womanhood marvels me. Femininity, and the power of an untamed woman, awakens my creativity to the point where it's clawing to spill out onto a canvas. 

I am so honoured that you're here, choosing me, my art. Choosing to immerse yourself within the phenomenal woman. And so you should, because femininity is phenomenal.