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phenomenal woman


exclusive prints and designs  


Dakota is the intelligent woman, the woman who stands tall in a room of men and smiles with the fangs of a seductive cat. She walks through life with magestic, royal coolness, and never fails to attract an abundance of attention. She can be intimidating, but she doesn't care. Being less than who she is is absolutely unacceptable.
Wildfire, the true compass, the warrior who has the battle scars of a woman confined for too long. She is thunder and rawness, and the feeling of fire in your bones. She smells of burnt sage and heavy rain, and carries the sword of the thousand women warriors that fought before her. She ignites the hearts around her, her passion to fight fierce and strong, to burn her fears in cages, to burn the sisterhood who scorned her and the brotherhood who held her down. She has felt the fear and pain, and done it anyway.
Untitled_Artwork 4_edited.jpg

"never forget the wilderness of your soul:
the tiger's teeth, poisonous thorns and zealous eyes.
the wild that claws up your throat, aching with the true call;
the call of a woman with untamed hair and snapping teeth -
the woman who owns the world."